Tuesday, October 10, 2017

October 10, 2017

Look at this beauty....it is one of our comfort quilts ...all hand quilted and ready to be bound.  Ann will take it home and take care of it until it is needed.
 Jacqui showed this basket that she made using the special rope.  She is more than willing to share her experience with this technique...so keep your eye out for the rope that is needed. 
When asked what she had in it she shared this little zippered pouch she made last program day.

An achy-breaky heart is the name of this beauty
made by Jacqui . It is backed with minke and so comfy,
Marjorie made this sweetie .  It has little boys fishing...some having more than one fish and a couple having none......cute little fishers.
 Susan is hiding behind her little wall hanging that is perfect for Hallowe'en.  The spider is made with rickrack...so inventive , this lady.
Lucky Susan  has another baby coming to her family and this sweet baby quilt is more than welcoming.
 Joan is hiding behind this wall hanging that she adapted to her own specifications and created a whole new design......so clever.
 Judith made these pot holders to practise her machine quilting...continuous line, no less and it worked out very well.
 Leigh jinxed herself by saying they hadn't had babies in her family for a long time and now she has to eat her words....these gorgeous baby quilts she made will more than make up for it.
love this Zebra quilt..so cute.
 This stunner started out queen and is now king size.  Love the way Carolyn put together her log cabin...a staple quilt that always impresses.
Then she made this quilt as you go for her sister in hospital...beautiful turquoise.......
 reversible and pink on the other side. Sure to brighten anyone's day.
Bargello beauty....thy owner is Ann. What a gorgeous selection of colours. They pop and make you think of fire...can't wait to see this finished.
Marlene made this quilt carrying bag...right size for queen sized quilts.....
and then she made this table runner with pansy fabric...to give away to a lucky recipient.
 Evelyn got to making some Celtic work...long enough for hubby who was afraid it wasn't coming home.
This is Vera's concession to the two hundred anniversary of Canada's confederation. Nothing quite like red and white...so cheery.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

September 12, 2017

 We've had the summer off and now it's time to get back to what really matters....quilting.  Here's Marilyn's latest project.  She has made a whole bunch of these mittens and given them away already.  What a great idea , not only for gifts in themselves but a way to wrap gifts.....she's a clever one!
 This retreat bag is one of the samples she brought in for the Monday Night ladies ...to see what they will be working on in October...as well as any daytime ladies should they wish to come in the evening.
 Jackie made this quilt for a gift..it is called "Achy-Breaky Heart"...it's got cozy mnke on the back.
 This beautiful quilt belongs to Vivian Patriquen...it is our row by row project for 2016 and it is stunning.
Judy H. went on another retreat and came back with a gorgeous quilt....
 Leigh is testing her sanity with this itty-bitty miniature ...NOT paper pieced!
This sweet quilt was another of her projects over the summer and it went to the cuddle quilt programme.
 This lovely wall hanging  was also something Leigh experimented with and felt the contrast in the ribbon wasn't what she wanted. It was suggested that she get out her crayons and darken it just a tad.  She thought we were crazy!
 This beauty is another of Leigh's summer work.  Sorry can't remember what she called it...regardless it is delightful...the shading is just right.
 Bea got some summer projects done.  Here's a table runner she made with Kansas Troubles fabric......
a musical themed pillow case for a great nephew...
 another flowered pillowcase.....
and another in chintz.
 Cynthis made this quilt for her grand daughter who is into Paris themes...it had a batt and fuzzy minke on the back and it is snuggly!

Jean made this cuddle quilt and brought it in to Joyce.

Marlene made this scrappy and quilted it over the summer months.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Year End, June 2017

 Here we are, all starvin' and just itchin' to get at the wonderful buffet that the Timberland provided for our year end banquet. It was a wonderful meal, with lots of variety in food and flavor. It was home cooked and fabulous.
Leigh started off show and tell with her version of the block of the month row by row.  Love the colours she chose and the way she put the border together.
Joyce made this gorgeous broken star from a kit and perfected her skills ..so soft and beautiful.
 Martha got into wool felting and made this purse...ever practical as one could be, she found curtain rings to be perfect use for the strapping...smart cookie!
Jeannie struggled with this log cabin at the villa but once she got at it by herself without all the distractions it all came together....looking great!
 Marilyn just got this Delectable Mountains back from Agathe and it turned out perfectly.  It's one of the projects the "Ladies of the Evening" will be working on next year for those of you interested in making one.
Helen loves making wallets and gets many requests for one...including this one...her 28th!
 Beth found this amazing fabric and put together an Attic Window wall hanging . She chose the absolutely perfect  fabrics to enhance it.  Well done, girl!
Judy got into the spirit of the 150th anniversary and made this mini quilt. She said it was a freebie pattern on line.  Atta Girl!
 Vera showed us her fascination with red and white and decided it , too , would be her homage to the 150th Anniversary.  Nothing like a simple design to end up being stunning.

JoAnne is all excited , she got to make this project bag at the Villa Madonna and uses it regularly. So practical and pretty...

Then , she showed us her own design for a maple leaf using the delectable mountain technique that Marilyn showed her. She's a clever, clever woman!
 Her sister, Jean knit this beautiful sweater...you cannot see the cables in the yoke but they are there and fabulous.
This beauty is a Friendship star that Jean made at the Villa this year. Black and White and red all over.  Sure works for me.
 Pat brought in the Dresden plates she was working on at the Villa...both machine piecing and hand applique...you go, girl!
 Joan made this hockey quilt for a fund raiser for her grandson.  She tells us that the hockey players are both male and female...Politically correct and fun..who could ask for more?
This beauty is also Joans and she informed us that although the instructions said easy, she begged to differ...good thing she knew what she was doing 'cause it turned out excellently.
Renate brought in her Squares n Motion. It's backed with minke and  comfy cozy.
 Jacqui got into the bowl making and made this really neat bowl with a topper to it.
This was her first attempt and it turned out just great.
 She called this one Achy Breaky heart and is made to be given away...lucky recipient.
She told us the name of this one and asked for help in the finishing touches.  When she showed us what she thought she would like to do we all agreed she didn't our help at all, she had the right idea.

Another year coming to an end for the summer. I don't know about you, but I quilt all year. It is still my greatest passion...some would say obsession.  See you in the fall!