Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Christmas Banquet 2017

 Here we go, another wonderful Christmas Banquet held at the All Season's Restaurant in Sussex.
 As usual, the room is well decorated for the holidays and the food was great. Marilyn is busy with tickets for the baskets of Christmas fat quarters.  We also celebrated a 70th milestone for Ruth Muscroft...Happy Birthday to her.
 Show and tell started with Leigh showing us her paper pieced Christmas tree...lit as well..notice her Christmas necklace of miniature lights.
 Hiding behind this beautiful table cloth is Judith Hughes. What a great job she did.
 Helen has been busy making more wallets and here she shows us just one of the many sets of placemats she has been making.
 Jacqui made this adorable pillow...well stuffed  and as cute as could be.
Muriel got her knitting needles out and made this beautiful scarf...soft yarn and lovely pastel shades.
Susan..another fan of Sindy Rodenmayer made this Block of the Month penguin quilt. Well done!
Gail Rodgers did this beautiful applique quilt and Agathe quilted it.  Outstanding collaboration .
 Ever resourceful, Jean Thompson paid homage to Canada's 150th with this runner.....
 and , as usual, another baby quilt..this one from the 'fractured panel' project......
 We should also call her the apron lady since she makes so many wonderful aprons.
 Pat Byrne is hiding behind this Christmas themed table runner she made for her daughter.
 Believe it or not! this beautiful quilt was made by Vivian Patriquen and then she quilted it by machine..puts us all to shame at 100years young.
Renate tried the twist from the BOM program that Susan Snyder is co-ordinating.  Turned out really well.
 Two day retiree, Beth Aiton has been busy.  making this cosmetic Bag.....
this cardinal table runner....
 these sweet tree ornaments.....
these Christmas present sacks.....(that look says, ok! enough with pictures!).....
AND she finished this quilt top ...from a couple of years ago....great job! and that's only after two days of retirement.....we can't wait to see what she does next!
Carolyn  got her Christmas BOM from a couple of years ago finished...hand quilted!

 This gorgeous Hunter's Star belongs to Joan Smith and Agathe quilted it for her...
Judy made the bonus pattern that Susan provided  in the BOM program...
 as well as the twist technique but kept hers untrimmed for a Peppermint swirl...
then she dug into her PHD's and finished this snowman table runner.  Good work there Judy.
 Vera decided only one attempt at the intricate paper piecing project was enough and determined that a candle mat would do.
 Then she tried the swirl technique in two colours.

 Jeannie Ewart made her skinny snowman with a long scarf..

Janice made a cosmetic bag....
 and two...count 'em skinny snowmen. Hubby made her a neat hanger for one...second one in progress.
 Agathe proved that the pp method wasn't  THAT difficult....
 Ann brought some nostalgia to show. These ornaments were made by Bea Elliot and Ann was the recipient in an ornament swap a few years ago.
Last but not least Marilyn brought her Christmas quilt...ZigZag with a nine patch cut technique using Christmas fabrics.

It was a fun night with some fun games and some happy prize winners.  Merry Christmas to all...see you next year!

Monday, November 20, 2017

November 20, 2017 Evening Ladies

Jeannie started the evening by showing the snowman that she made and already had done before class...she's a keener....those retired teachers!
Loretta put together this gorgeous log cabin for her daughter for Christmas....no doubt , she will be delighted.
 Susanne got this cosmetic bag finished (her daughter might be annoyed at Mom for borrowing her bag) and told us she used coat hangers and sealed the ends so they would slide easily into the opening pockets
Marion is back with a "patchy" quilt we all loved.
She also made a cosmetic bag using the hangers folded to fit properly.
 This beauty is another of Marion's......
along with this gorgeous"love that fabric'.. quilt.
 She also showed her progress with the paper piecing project for the Christmas runner.
 This amazing quilt is Linda's. It has batting AND minke...talk about snuggly!
 She also made her snowman wall hanging and decided it needed a tree to match along side it.
The undisputed "Bag Lady" of all time, Wendy , is back with another neat bag.
 Plus two more cosmetic bags...a small one and a large one.
She did the PP table runner that Marion is working on only she got hers finished.
 This scrappy patch chevron is gorgeous and huge...made for a big man.
and here is another of  Wendy's . for some reason I have a mental block when it comes to the name of this project...you'd think I would remember since I made two of them...oh well, just call it a senior's moment.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

November 14, 2017

Our meeting began with Muriel showing us the quilt she made for her friend who is undergoing chemo...notice the neat bag on the floor to match.  Clever lady and a wonderful friend.
Carolyn drove herself a little crazy with small two inch squares and half square triangles making this great lion for her crayon challenge. Her colours were teal, orange and white...looks like she got them all in there.
Judith loves making these little wee preemie hats....so cute
Plus she made here paper pieced tree in the program day workshop.
Marge got her three crayon colours in this wonderful quilt. Her colours were blue, red and yellow...even the backing fabric fit...a happy  happenstance.
 Muriel got the centre of her paper pieced Christmas tree done.....
 and a redwork ornament that she worked on with her amazing light enhanced glasses...those real expensive kind...teehee!
 Gail did her block of the month ...the hexie challenge.
as did Leigh...along with some drain bags for Joyce.
 Leigh also had some fun with her pp Tree by adding lights that blinked or stayed ...a novel idea.
 Sharon showed us a hat and mitten set that Judy S. made for her....
 along with her hexie mug rug...way to go, Sharon.
Vera did her hexie BOM as well and showed us her candle mat.
 This cuddle quilt is made from a panel with interesting cats on it along with flannel on the back...great for snuggling while watching TV.
 Renate is back in form  with her mug rug BOM done.
 Ann made this paper pieced Christmas tree in green....
 and one in blue.
 along with a crocheted chemocap she made for a friend.
Sandra had some fun with waste canvas making this sweatshirt for her son. She says it is her first and last attempt.  Any others will be very expensive to purchase.....wonder why????
Jean made another cuddle quilt...I swear she has the monopoly on making cuddle quilts...no one can keep up with her.
Judy is working on her PHD...she already has her masters.