Tuesday, March 13, 2018

March 13, 2018

Before the big St. Patty's Day storm hits us tomorrow we gathered at our meeting place and had a wonderful show and tell . Here Jean shows the quilt that Carolyn made and asked Jean to quilt. It went to Joyce for the cuddle quilt program.  It will make an amazing fund raiser for the hospital.
 In between quilting, Jean, who is an amazing knitter also knit this adorable hooded sweater and with the leftover yarn she made a sweet little toque to go with it.
Joan West made this beauty and quilted it.
 Marlene got these wonderful flowered squares and put them together in  a gorgeous quilt. She matched the colours beautifully and the arrangement is fabulous.
Susan decreed this fella as the last snowman for the winter 

 and got herself organized with a St Patrick"s table runner.

Judith borrowed a book about Irish quilting and made this wonderful wall hanging and practised her machine quilting...she did a great job, too.
 She also, is ready for St. Patty's day.
Plus she made this log cabin valance in a class with Susan .
 Leigh also made her valance but did it with seven log cabins instead of the original five. They are both perfectly done.
Gail did her crayon challenge with blue , yellow and of course, the purple for the back. It became part of the cuddle quilts as well.
Now this was amazing.  These are pillow cases. Beautifully done by Gail and then Agathe did an amazing job quilting them. What a great project!
 Agathe "won" some yarn at the Chinese auction and decided it was time to try her hand at knitting some preemie caps. It's never too late, Agathe!

She also made this beautiful quilt and it is going to Hawaii....just in case they have cool nights.
Margaret got this wonderful log cabin done and it looks great.
 Ethel thought she might clean up some of her stash but when she wasn't looking, it multiplied. Guess nobody told her that happens a lot. But she did manage to put together  a delicious Dresden plate.
 Evelyn got this wonderful HST quilt done for show and tell.
 Marilyn has been watching a lot of curling and when she watches tv...she knits....here are two really nice cowls that will be Christmas gifts for some lucky people.

                                                                                              This beauty was made with left over fabric from a project she was working on. It will be quilted for the Comfort Quilt program.
 Now this is something really special. . This  is  a
cupcake ...birthday cupcake that is. It is for Vivian Patriquen who celebrated her 101st birthday today. Not only does she have longevity , she has the sweetest smile and the happiest disposition.  She is certainly someone worth emulating.  Happy Birthday to Vivian

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

February 27, 2018

How's this for amazing. Vivian is 100 years young...she will be 101 in March ...and she just finished her colour challenge by making this Dresden Plate with her three colours....yellow, blue and red.  We're all wishing we could follow in her footsteps...

 Gillian got a new pattern and made six ...she was so enthusiastic about the pattern.   And they are all gorgeous .
Judith  got playing with angles and made this candle mat or mug rug...call it what you will it was certainly interesting.
 Then she decided she should have a "twister" heart for Valentine's.
Renate got her Block of the Month done. Instead of doing it by hand , she got out her machine and showed us the great job she did.
 Here's Renate's colour challenge...if you were wondering , it is, indeed, a king sized quilt. Not sure just what Renate's colours were but it really doesn't matter , they all look great.

Here's Jean...so reliable...she made another baby quilt for the cuddle quilt program. It would not surprise me if she has made the most cuddle quilts of all our members.

 Beth  participated in the evening ladies program and here is her log cabin. Such soft pastel colours and so pretty.

Joan brought this adorable door hanger. The Quiltery has one for every season...I think it is time to take that trip to Riverview.
 The Chinese Auction is all ready to go....remember that one Quilter's UFO is another's PHD to share.

Monday, February 26, 2018

February 26, 2018

February is almost over but the quilting never ends.  Chris got this wonderful red and white snowball finished. I asked if it was going on her bed and she replied, "Nope, it's a gift." Lucky recipient.

 She was working on the finishing touches on her applique pillow.  Love the fabric she chose.

Ruth did the swirly pattern from last time and included some fabulous fussy cutting with bordered fabric. She did an amazing job with the points matching beautifully in the centre.  Well done!!
 Eleanor showed us a gorgeous quilt. The pictures do not do it justice.
and here is a stack and whack she put together with a piece of the main fabric on the back to show how it could change with each kaliediscope(sp?).
This sweet bag holds a picture of Linda's grand baby.  What a great keepsake! Maybe it will help Linda get over that broken arm.   OUCH!

Monday, February 12, 2018

February 12, 2018

 It's a good thing it wasn't cold out tonight...we had a great crowd for the evening ladies . Here's Susanne's quilt...she got started on her own and did a darn good job.
 Wendy is showing off her table topper...great job there!
 Now this is an amazing project. Wendy took a picture of her grandmother , put it in grey scale and then thread painted . What an awesome creation. Talented is a word that comes easy when describing Wendy.
Here's another of Susanne's quilts...again , done with no instruction...must be instinctual.
 JoAnne got her applique pillow done...now she just needs to applique...right????
 Jeannie finished her cosmetic bag.
 Marion actually made a quilt with no blues in it...looks wonderful
 and she made this table topper too.
Beth got busy doing some UFO's...this one is a Spring is on its way table topper....
 a couple of Christmas mug rugs.....
and a bag she's had the fabric for since Baird's was here in Sussex...how long ago was that you say....
 Janice got her Deckade the Halls completely finished...with a few stitches left on the binding.
 Caroline got her applique pillow done.
 Ruth made this comfy cozy , homespun fabrics quilt.
And she paper pieced this Christmas Tree....I believe her feelings about paper piecing mirror my own...nuff said!
 Marilyn got some warm fleece and made some Chemo caps....
plus she is doing dishes at the Valentine's luncheon this 14th and her apron is most appropriate.  You should go!